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Mobility Guardian 2017


We love the Air Mobility Command. Hence our name, Starlifter Aviation Photography. When we started to make reports on US military aviation (early 90's) it was because we fell in love with the big guys, the C-5 Galaxy, the KC-10 Extender, the KC-135 Stratotanker, the C-130 Hercules and our most beloved C-141 Starlifter. Later the C-17 Globemaster III was added to this list and we can't wait for the KC-46 Pegasus.. So allthough we love fighters, for us it started with the heavies!


That was one of the reasons to pay a visit to McChord AFB during Mobility Guardian 2017. The other reason being the spectaculair surroundings, including Mount Rainier.


Mobility Guardian



Mobility Guardian is a new Air Mobility Command (AMC) exercise which focusses on training airlift crew from around the United States (and global partners) to work together and to simulate battlefield scenarios. Until 2011 these exercises where called Rodeos.

In this years exercise 3000 people participated and 40 aircraft took part from different branches and different countries.


Here are some shots, the photography conditions where bad. Shooting into the sun and a lot of smoke from nearby forest fires, nevertheless we hope you enjoy them!



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